Depending on the characteristics of our body or the way of life we carry, it is possible that our metabolism slows down, causing us to accumulate toxins, gaining weight and having difficulties to go to the bathroom.Maintaining a balanced diet is vital, so it is very important to practice regular exercise, however, if for some time you have neglected, you can always have at your disposal various home remedies to help debug your body to get rid of toxins.

There are many people who suffer from constipation, a condition that, in addition to abdominal pain, bloating and bad digestions, can become a problem when it comes to wanting to lose weight and hampers our body’s ability to eliminate the toxins that enter. That’s why in the following article of Uncommon we will explain what are the best home laxatives to lose weight, a series of natural products with which you can stimulate your metabolism from home with the goal of losing some pounds.

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Best Laxatives for Lose Weight

Best Laxatives for Lose Weight
Best Laxatives for Lose Weight

Immediate natural laxative

The psyllium, psyllium or simply psyllium, the husk whose seed can be used to care for the health of our intestines and harnessed to help lose weight. Very rich in fiber, this shell greatly facilitates digestion, besides, it is a great purifier of the digestive system. If we consider its large amount of fiber we will see that it is a very satiating product, so if we include it in our diet we can control the food intake by reducing appetite.

The way to take it is very easy, we simply add two teaspoons of these seeds in skim milk, soy milk or yogurt. Once we have eaten it is recommended to take a glass of water so that the water improves its mobility in the stomach. As it largely conforms to fiber, once in the stomach it will expand and help the body eliminate much of the toxins and waste that can accumulate there.

Another important thing during your consumption is to take it always before and not after eating. When you take it before we will enhance your satiating action, avoiding that you later overeat. Finally, before starting a treatment with psyllium to lose weight you should speak it with your doctor, especially if you consume some type of medicine.

Home Laxative for Constipation: Boldo Tea

The son, better known as boldo tea, is a plant that brings us many benefits, including a potent diuretic effect and a lot of antioxidants that fight the free radicals in our body. This drink, which is also very aromatic and has a delicious taste, can be taken both before and after meals. Rather, it will give us some satiating effect; Then it will facilitate digestion.

The leaves of this plant have a powerful cleansing effect in our body and, in addition, is a fantastic home laxative for constipation, which is why it is usually included in diets to lose weight. Its laxative power is the result of its richness in both mucilages and flavonoids.

To take it only we have to boil water and add a handful of boldo tea leaves. After 5 minutes, when the water has infused, it will be ready to be taken twice a day.

Best Laxatives for Lose Weight
Best Laxatives for Lose Weight

Home cleanser to clean the stomach: prune passes

Plum is one of the best foods we have at our disposal when it comes to losing weight. The great benefits of this product are based on its calorie content is minimal, on the other hand, the fiber is very high. Consequently, it helps to get rid of toxins without giving us fat.

To all this must be added its richness in natural sugars, vitamins K and A, minerals such as potassium or iron and proteins that make it an effective way to lose pounds. Finally, it must be taken into account that it is a potent natural laxative, so we should not exceed its intake. A handful of these fruits during breakfast can already serve us.

Best Laxatives for Lose Weight
Best Laxatives for Lose Weight

Laxative for constipation: Aloe vera

If we were to talk about the benefits of aloe vera we would not have enough time to list them all. Although it has basically been popularized as a cosmetic element for skin care, the truth is that this plant is a natural eliminator of toxins and a unique scrubber. Its components include a loin, a compound that helps reduce fat adipose and accelerates the process of metabolism.

The way to consume it is in the form of juice. We must extract the pulp from a leaf of aloe vera and, mix it with lemon juice and a generous spoonful of honey. Once poured to remove the wastes, you can take it daily on an empty stomach, one hour before taking any other food.

Urgent Home Laxative: Head Onion

The properties of the cabezon onion are innumerable, in fact, it is a more versatile product when it comes to natural foods and home remedies. On the one hand, it is very rich in fiber, which helps treat constipation naturally. On the other hand, its diuretic capacity stimulates the functions of the kidney, causing this organ to actively eliminate toxins and liquid retained in the body. Finally, without entering into its antiseptic power, it is a product that accelerates the mobility of the intestines and that has an enormous antioxidant power.

Made up of a wide variety of vitamins like A, B, C, and E, as well as minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium or copper, they just add reasons to add this homemade laxative to your diet to lose weight.

Best Laxatives for Lose Weight
Best Laxatives for Lose Weight

Other Home Slimming Laxatives

The amount of food you can add to your balanced diet to treat constipation and lose weight is almost unlimited. Here are some of the products that can become great allies to achieve this goal:

Plantain Seeds

Like the vast majority of seeds, plantain seeds are very rich in fiber, which makes them excellent home-made laxatives to prevent constipation. When we ingest them and enter our digestive system, in contact with our intestine and its liquids, plantain seeds swell and stimulate the persistent movements. Definitely, if you want to reduce the intestinal swelling caused by constipation you must add these seeds to your diet.

Spinach and linseed oil shake

This shake is another food that can help improve intestinal mobility, stimulating the evacuation of feces and toxins that accumulate in our body. To prepare it is sufficient to mix two tablespoons of flaxseed with water and spinach leaves. Once beaten he is already prepared to be drunk every morning on an empty stomach.


Despite what the myths say lose weight is not at odds with being able to eat tasty products. The peach is one of the best examples for this because this fruit with a very high composition of fibers is able to eliminate abdominal distention and disinflame the belly while it stimulates evacuation and helps to lose weight.


The pitaya, pitahaya or fruit of the dragon is a product that can be exotic for many people, but everything that has of exotic it has of cash against constipation and against the battle against the balance.

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