Nighttime rest is essential for a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Although not everyone needs to sleep the same time, the recommended average hours of sleep range from six to eight hours.

If you have problems sleeping, it is most advisable to resort to natural sedatives, since, being made with organic ingredients, are not harmful to the body. However, before opting for natural sedatives, we recommend paying special attention to the bedroom, specifically to the bed in which you sleep.

The Best Natural Way to Sleep better
The Best Natural Way to Sleep better

The mattress should not be too hard or too soft. As for the pillow, it does not have to be very high; The feather cushions are perfect for a good rest. For many people the orientation of the bed is also important to have a restful sleep; The rest must be oriented in the same direction as the energy flow and the earth. This energy flows from north to south, so the bed should be oriented in this direction.

If the space in which you sleep is perfect but you still can not rest well, here are some home remedies that can help you.

The Best Natural Way to Sleep better

Natural Sedatives for Insomnia

Infusion of orange peel

Orange peel infusion is one of the popular remedies that work best against insomnia. In addition, it is a very effective infusion against other evils such as inappetence, digestive problems, and irritating cough.

To prepare the infusion you simply have to boil the sliced skin of an orange in a saucepan for ten minutes. After time has passed, remove it, strain it and pour it into a jug. To treat insomnia, take the infusion a few minutes before going to bed.


The chamomile tea may be the remedy for sleep simplest of all and also operates luxury. This natural ingredient has a calming effect on the body, reassuring in a totally natural way. We advise you to buy chamomile in herbalists and take the infusion a few minutes before going to sleep.


The valerian is the natural sedative best known of all to get a restful sleep. This plant acts as a sedative agent, so it relaxes the nervous system and brain. Totally recommended for any type of sleep disorder. You can take valerian pills, available at health food stores and pharmacies; Or buy the medicinal plant in herbalists and prepare a 100% natural infusion.


The passionflower is one of the most famous and popular in the world sedative plants. And is that it is very effective in calming the nerves and relax the body; In this way, the dream comes by itself. If your problem to sleep well comes from being very nervous or you are going through a time of great stress, passionflower is the best solution for you.

The Best Natural Way to Sleep better
The Best Natural Way to Sleep better

Remedy to avoid nightmares

If your problem of bad sleep is caused by the nightmares you suffer during the night, do not worry because there is a remedy that works great to avoid or at least minimize nightmares. You simply have to put a small amount of star anise in a cotton sachet and leave it under the pillow all night.

As you can see, there is a wide range of options when it comes to betting on natural medicine to treat any type of sleep disorder. There are some remedies you can take regardless of the origin of the problem that prevents you from resting well as valerian, And others are designed for specific problems such as passionflower or remedy to avoid nightmares.

Therefore, before choosing the natural sedative we recommend that you think very well what is the reason that you do not get a restful sleep and then, depending on it, try with one and another natural remedy.

Many times they do not take effect from zero, so we recommend to try with the same sedative several days in a row to see if it is the ideal solution for you or not.

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