Fatty liver – or hepatic steatosis – is a generally benign pathology that has symptoms and a treatment to follow to reduce fat in the liver. Find out everything you need to know about it.

The fatty liver, commonly known in the health field as hepatic steatosis is a benign disease usually liver which is characterized by the accumulation of fatty acids and triglycerides in liver cells.

The symptoms of fatty liver, as a rule, are usually the pain in the upper right abdomen, general malaise, chronic fatigue, and feeling of heaviness, especially after meals.

Although it is also true that there are patients who do not have symptoms, a dangerous issue to a certain extent since the disease can evolve silently to more severe stages.

A few years ago fatty liver was related to alcohol consumption in large quantities, although today more and more specialists relate the increase in people with this disease with high levels of obesity, cholesterol, and triglycerides ( how to lower High triglycerides ).

Fatty Liver Symptoms Causes Treatment and Natural advice
Fatty Liver Symptoms Causes Treatment and Natural advice

Fatty Liver Symptoms Causes Treatment and

Natural advice


Symptoms of fatty liver

There are several symptoms of fatty liver, although it is also true that not all patients have symptoms. As a rule, the most common tend to be as follows:

  • Pain in the upper right abdomen.
  • General discomfort.
  • Fatigue.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Weightloss.
  • Feeling of heaviness.
  • In some cases, jaundice.


In severe cases, in which the degree of involvement of the fatty liver is much more dangerous, it is possible to observe some symptoms such as intense pain in the upper abdomen and the possibility of an acute liver failure.

However, having no associated symptoms does not mean that you can not be suffering from fatty liver. In fact, it is estimated that about 30% of patients with this disease have virtually no symptoms.

Thus, as an asymptomatic condition, it is common for the fatty liver to be discovered in a casual manner, for example after performing an abdominal ultrasound, or an examination of the abdomen if the doctor is able to feel that the liver has increased of size.

Evolution of fatty liver

Generally fatty liver is a benign pathology that tends not to evolve to more severe stages of the disease.

Once the appearance of fatty liver (through abdominal ultrasound) is detected, the necessary measures must be taken to eliminate this fat in the liver, and thus avoid that the fatty liver evolves to steatohepatitis ( inflamed liver, enlarged, In this case, caused by accumulation of abundant fat and in excess), and from there to a possible cirrhosis and / or cancer.

In fact, when the fatty liver is untreated it is possible that it can travel with cirrhosis and thus increase the risk of liver cancer.

Fatty Liver Treatment

Although there is no definitive treatment for fatty liver, the basic recommendations are given in this regard are a reduction of body weight and follow a healthy and healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables.

The practice of exercise is appropriate in all cases, since we help our body to remove excess fat from the body.

A good option is to go to a nutritionist who provides us with a diet suitable for fatty liver, and control the weight we lose, since a rapid loss of weight is associated with increased liver damage.

However, it is sometimes possible to administer drugs in order to treat the symptoms and not overload the liver. In any case, recent studies have found that some drugs, such as  metformin could have been useful for  decreasing transaminases and fats in the liver .

How to Cure Fatty Liver

Avoid drinking alcohol

There is no doubt that the consumption of alcoholic beverages directly affects the accumulation of fat in the liver, in addition to affect very negatively by causing damage to your cells.

Therefore, it is essential and essential to  eliminate virtually completely the consumption of any alcoholic beverage , even those that are of low graduation as for example could be the case of beer or wine.

In most cases, when a fatty liver is due to alcohol consumption, the prognosis of the disease is very good when it is reduced and / or completely eliminated.


The practice of physical exercise is not only essential when it comes to maintaining good health; Is especially suitable for  reducing fat in the liver and curing it , since by staying active we reduce the fat in our body (especially in this organ, when mobilized).

In addition, it is tremendously useful for weight loss, avoiding sedentary lifestyle, and reducing any excess weight we may have. In many cases it is sufficient to practice daily at least 40 minutes of aerobic physical exercise.

Follow a proper diet

Food also influences the appearance of nonalcoholic fatty liver, especially when you tend to consume  foods rich in sugars and fats . Therefore, a good option is to follow a balanced and healthy diet, and avoid refined and processed foods.

Going back to the beginning: is it possible to prevent fatty liver?

Considering that at present, most cases that are diagnosed with fatty liver are caused by the habits and lifestyle that we follow today, it is clear that fatty liver or liver steatosis can be prevented . Even we can not only say that it can be prevented, but if it is detected and already present, it can be cured .


Therefore, to prevent it, it is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle, based on a varied and balanced diet, rich in fresh and healthy foods, and low in fat. In this sense, for example, we can put as an example the Mediterranean diet, considered – in fact – as one of the healthiest diets in existence. The key, as we see it, is to avoid being overweight and obese, and to keep food as healthy as possible.

Since alcohol is another of the enemies to the health of our liver, and that plays a decisive role in the accumulation of fat in this organ, it is essential to completely eliminate the alcohol in our diet.

However, there is some controversy about how certain “healthier” alcoholic beverages will act on the liver, as is the case with wine, since some studies found that consuming a glass of wine a day helped prevent fatty liver and Prevent the fat from accumulating in it. In any case, since there is no agreement on the part of the medical community, the basic recommendation is simple: avoid or reduce almost completely the consumption of any type of alcoholic beverage.


As we indicated, overweight and obesity influence the appearance of fat in the liver, as does diabetes (which, incidentally, may appear to be overweight). Therefore, it is very important to reduce our weight little by little with the help of a nutritionist, through a personalized diet and adapted to our personal conditions and circumstances. Many scientific studies have found that with a moderate reduction of weight is achieved reverse and even eliminate the presence of fat in the liver.

On the other hand, when we exercise regularly we increase our metabolism and burn fat. It is an activity that helps very positively if you have fatty liver, especially if we practice some type of aerobic exercise, such as running or walking. It is enough to practice it with a certain regularity, if possible every day and for at least 30 minutes each time.

Given that high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides may also influence their appearance, it is desirable to reduce high blood fats. In this case, the preventive advice listed above are equally useful and recommended.

There are also tricks and tips that allow the liver to be debugged and help with any pathology related to this important organ.


Some natural tips that will help you a lot

If you have recently been diagnosed with fatty liver, you should first stay calm. And is that although it is a very common disorder, and generally benign, it is true that although you should not be alarmarte yes it is advisable to get to work as soon as possible. To the tips listed above, such as avoiding alcoholic beverages, following a low fat and healthy diet, losing weight and playing sports regularly, you can also follow the following natural tips:

  • Opts for depurative infusions of the liver : This is the case, for example, of infusions made with artichoke and dandelion. In this sense, you can make a combined infusion of artichoke and dandelion. For this you must boil in a saucepan the equivalent of a cup of water, and bring to a boil. When the water boils add one teaspoon of dandelion and one of artichoke leaves. Let it boil for 3 minutes, then put out the fire, strain and let stand for 3 minutes. You can drink 3 cups of this infusion daily. You can also opt for the infusion of licorice. In this case the elaboration is identical to the steps previously followed, with the difference that you must replace the artichoke and the dandelion for a teaspoon of licorice, and not drink more than 2 cups a day,
  • Marian thistle, protector of the liver : As we have already mentioned in other articles, the thistle is one of the plants with medicinal benefits more outstanding for the care and protection of the liver. It contains silymarin , which helps regenerate and protect liver cells. If you wish to enjoy its qualities you can opt for milk thistle capsules or liquid thistle extract, which you will find easily in herbalists.


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