Hair care to look healthy and well nourished, from the root to the tips, along with its growth in a healthy way, are two aesthetic concerns very present today. To have a long and shiny mane, or to enjoy the sun and the beach in summer without the hair suffer the consequences, you have to know how to nourish the hair.

A hair that has an adequate supply of all the nutrients it needs will be looked after and healthy and will also grow stronger and brighter. One of the vitamins that are intimately related to hair growth, as well as nails and skin, is biotin. To clarify the doubts about its use, in healthcare-remedies we explained how to grow hair with biotin.

How to grow hair with biotin
How to grow hair with biotin

How to grow hair with biotin

What is biotin?

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin in the body, which also receives other names like vitamin H, B7 and B8. Its action in the body is very important because it is closely related in cell growth , in addition to having a fundamental role in the metabolism of fatty acids, carbohydrates and amino acids.

In particular, this vitamin is responsible for transforming the glucose that is received from food into energy for the cells, aiding in the cellular regeneration of the skin, nails and hair. That is why it is important to have adequate levels of biotin in the body, because it is essential to keep many of its structures healthy and for certain metabolic reactions.

Benefits of Biotin for Hair

In particular, biotin is a key vitamin for a strong, shiny and healthy hair, since one of its main actions is to help the continuous regeneration of hair cells. An adequate supply of this vitamin will cause hair to grow stronger and look much healthier.

In contrast, a significant lack of biotin in the body will cause the opposite effect, ie the hair (next to the nails and the skin) will be visibly affected, showing a much drier, dull appearance, with brittle tips And even in cases where the deficiency is very pronounced, partial hair fall may occur.

That is why it is important to maintain adequate levels of biotin in the body, especially if you want the hair to grow in a healthy way , with greater thickness, speed and brightness. It should also be noted that it does not help fight against alopecia , but you can try to prevent it if you maintain a healthy, strong, healthy hair. In addition, it is difficult to present a picture of excess biotin in the body because, being a water-soluble vitamin, it is eliminated by the urine.

How to grow hair by taking biotin

Given the characteristics and benefits of biotin for hair growth, there are a great variety of treatments for hair that include this vitamin in its formulas, such as shampoos, conditioners and masks. In fact, one of the most popular is horse shampoo, with a high content of biotin. In the first place, many experts discuss the effects of this type of cosmetics, while others say that they do provide greater growth and shine to the hair. Secondly, professionals advise that, in case of opting for the use of shampoos with biotin, always use those specially formulated for humans. The use of shampoos intended for horses can cause allergies and that in the long term the hair is dried out.

Many experts recommend that, in addition to using hair-specific hair treatments, the intake of biotin may be increased either through increased consumption of food containing this vitaminor by ingestion of biotin capsules. If one chooses to increase the presence of products with vitamin H in the daily diet, it is convenient to know that those with a higher content of this nutrient are egg yolk, viscera, blue fish and brewer’s yeast .

In case you want to supplement with the use of biotin capsules , you should first consult with a doctor or nutritionist. They can be purchased at any herbalist or parapharmacy.

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