Fatigue is a deficient mental state that is characterized by extreme fatigue that may or may not is due to a situation that requires great physical or intellectual effort.

Tiredness can present in an isolated and intermittent or chronic way showing that there is a health problem or something is not working as it should, to determine the causes of fatigue, general analyses should be performed to rule out possible pathologies associated with lack of vitality.

Most of the times that you experience fatigue there is no problem associated with exhaustion and you can reverse that state easily by getting enough rest and replenishing forces through a balanced diet.

Home Remedies for Fatigue (Tiredness)
Home Remedies for Fatigue (Tiredness)

Causes and treatments for tiredness

On effort: This can be physical or intellectual and when the body’s natural resources are exceeded for a long time, side effects are manifested in the form of exhaustion that is accused as a generalized fatigue and disabling for many activities.

In these cases, the person is usually aware of the cause of his fatigue and does not need medical treatment because it is enough to rest the time that is necessary until the forces are restored.

Infections: Diseases of infectious type carry a wear and tear because the defenses are performing to the maximum to fight the disease and for that reason, it can be accused the lack of resources of the organism to carry out activities that perform in the daily life with normality.

The fatigue induced by infectious diseases usually comes accompanied by symptoms related to it, which may be fever, sweating, chills, etc., showing the presence of pathogenic microorganisms that are reflected in the routine analysis.

The treatment for these cases depends on the type of infection that is suffered and usually includes antivirals, antihistamines and immunosuppressants, and antibiotics among others.

Deficit states motivated by the lack of nutrients: Sometimes the accelerated pace of life we carry leaves no room for organization and evaluation of the rations that are part of the diet producing decompensations over time that are easily solved by returning to habits Healthy foods or through appropriate supplementation if necessary.

Fibromyalgia: It is characterized by a state of general tiredness that is associated with acute pain in certain parts of the body that can vary from one patient to another.

Autoimmune diseases are the main cause of chronic fatigue associated with persistent fatigue and when it occurs in a period of more than six months usually shows a malfunction of the immune system.

There are many types of autoimmune diseases with varied symptoms and severity, but chronic fatigue is often the common symptom of all of them, it should be noted that diseases linked to disorders of the immune system are more frequent in women than in men, so the relationship of the female hormones in the functional performance of the defenses has been the subject of study in almost all its variants to clarify the processes that lead to this situation. Treatment to control the disease and possible outbreaks involve administration of corticosteroid and non-corticoid immunosuppressants.

Autoimmune diseases associated with chronic fatigue

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE): It is a chronic degenerative disease that is characterized by the progressive destruction of the tissues and the intensity of the associated symptomatology is related to the severity and recurrence of the outbreaks since at times they can affect vital organs complicating the Health of the patient.

Multiple sclerosis: A degenerative disease that mainly affects the nervous system through the progressive destruction of myelin preventing correct communication of neurotransmitters.

Dermatomyositis: Inflammation of the skin that can manifest in different types of injuries in several parts of the body also affecting the muscle fibers altering its composition and hindering the movement.

Rheumatoid arthritis: An inflammatory disease of the joints that causes pain and stiffness, reducing the mobility of patients.

Type I diabetes mellitus occurs when antibodies affect pancreatic cells by reducing insulin production to the point of requiring supplemental supplementation to metabolize blood sugar.

Crohn’s disease: It is also known as ulcerative colitis and chronic effects the intestine that is permanently attacked by the body’s own defenses.

These diseases are some of the most noteworthy because they are directly linked to permanent fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome, but there are much more that affect different parts of the body.


Home Remedies for Fatigue (Tiredness)

We quote some home remedies on tiredness, hoped that they can help you regain energy and be more active.

1. Amaranth with milk and honey

Considered how a smoothie, amaranth, and honey have vitamins and some minerals, which are very useful for people who suffer from recurrent tiredness, its elaboration is simple and it does not take more than 5 minutes for its preparation.

We should add 2 tablespoons of amaranth in a glass with 300 milliliters milk, then add half a tablespoon of honey. Once this, there is the possibility to use the blender or with a spoon beat it and take it immediately. It is recommended to take it daily during breakfast.


2. Egg Smoothie with Honey

This type of smoothie is used by people who have a stressful day on a continuous basis and will help reduce mental fatigue. We must add 300 milliliters of milk, 2 eggs and 2 tablespoons of honey, in our blender, before beginning to beat for a period of 60 seconds.

After this will have to be taken immediately, this type of liquid should be ingested 3 times a week.

3. Infusion of chamomile, rosemary, and mint

This is a type of tea that can help us to avoid stress and therefore also tiredness.

Preparation: We will need to cut 2 sprigs of chamomile, rosemary, and mint, to add them in a glass with water of minimum 300 milliliters. Once this is done, it will start heating for 5 minutes and then let it sit for half an hour.

After this, we can take it daily before going to sleep.

4. Ginseng

This plant helps to revitalize the body, providing energy, vitamins, and minerals that will help combat fatigue. You can prepare a tea of this plant, boiling a cup of water and pouring in it 1 gram of dry ground root of ginseng. Let stand and strain before drinking. To sweeten and enhance its properties, you can sweeten it with a teaspoon of honey or royal jelly.


5. Royal Jelly

It has many properties, among others, are energetic, nutritive and metabolic properties that will help us to increase our physical and mental activity contributing a greater capacity of concentration and better memory.


Tips to prevent and treat tiredness

  1. Getting enough sleep conditions the body to recover from deficiency states more quickly, directly affecting the physical and mental state of the person. If it is hard to fall asleep, you may find the following insomnia remedies that may be helpful.
  1. Performing some physical activity also contributes to optimizing energy levels in the body and favors the performance of nighttime rest that becomes more refreshing.
  1. Avoiding stress or distressing situations will help reduce wear and tear by shortening recovery time during fatigue states.
  1. Optimism, in the case of degenerative autoimmune diseases, states of fatigue may be aggravated by patients’ moods, facing the disease from an optimistic and positive perspective contributes greatly to attenuating symptoms.
  1. Carrying a balanced diet also contributes greatly to a rapid recovery if we offer the body all the elemental nutrients it needs to meet its basic needs.
  1. Outdoors, enjoying the outdoors and being able to be nature, helps to revitalize the body. Therefore it is highly recommended to take a few minutes of the day, from the outside and nourish yourself from the sunlight to relax and be less tired.
  1. Proper breathing, if we are long hours in one place, it is important that it is ventilated, smoke-free and contaminated. Breathing a correct air quality provides excellent oxygen which helps to oxygenate the blood and have less sensation of fatigue.
  1. Adequate work environment, we spend many hours of our lives at work, it is very important that in it, the environment is adequate, we can be calm and at ease. Stress situations, strenuous and long hours lead us to have less energy for the rest of the day. Taking some breaks during the working day helps in their prevention, for example taking breaks of 10 minutes every hour and a half.
  1. Avoid being sedentary, it is important to have a proper rest and sleep the right hours, but abusing the sofa and blanket can have an opposite effect. It’s healthier to exercise than lying on the couch, you’ll feel better.
  1. Spending time for yourself, our day-to-day work routine, obligations, … can lead to stress. Spend some time for yourself with enjoyable activities, such as reading, listening to music, dancing, practicing a hobby, going for a walk, … will help you to have a better well-being.
  1. Relaxation techniques, if you suffer from mental tiredness, there are relaxation techniques that help reduce mental and physical tension, providing tranquility and controlling stress and anxiety.
  1. Planning and organizing, often on a daily basis and work, cause us to suffer mental fatigue. In many cases we can have some room for maneuver if we know how to organize and plan the tasks well, allowing us to fulfill them in a shorter time, thus causing us to accumulate fewer tasks and to have more free time for us.

It should be noted that many of the autoimmune diseases mentioned especially in their initial stages are not detectable by routine laboratory analysis, so if the fatigue persists for six months or more, it should be evaluated by specific analytical methods for the detection of antibodies that allow discarding Or confirm the existence of such pathologies.

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