Home Remedies for Earache. Ear pain is usually a childhood problem but it can also occur in adults. After a cold, fluid can accumulate in the Eustachian tube, a small tunnel that runs from the middle ear to the throat.

This accumulation of fluid is what causes pain. Here are some home remedies to relieve ear pain.

Home Remedies for Earache

1. Baby oil or mineral oil

Put the oil to heat under hot water. Put on a few drops.

2. Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide)

Hydrogen peroxide is a popular antiseptic. Many people use it to relieve ear pain and remove wax. To make this recipe, you throw about 3 or 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide in the affected ear every 3 or 4 hours.

3. Qigong exercise to relieve ear pain

Qigong is a Chinese medicine technique and can help alleviate an earache. To implement this remedy, a V is formed with the index finger and heart and placed just below the ear. They move their fingers upward by exerting pressure. Relax your fingers and move them down. Repeat 36 times.

4. Spicy foods

A spicy chicken soup or a chili dish can be very useful to cause the mucus to flow and relieve the pressure.

5. Apply heat to the sore ear

Put a wet towel with warm water on the affected ear. Another remedy is to fill a bag of cotton cloth with sea salt (sea salt is sold in any store). It is placed in the microwave to heat (that is hot but that does not burn). Put the bag close to your ear until it cools. This remedy also helps to dry the fluid in the ear that often causes infection.

6. Sesame oil

Put a little sesame oil to heat in the fire (not too hot so it will not burn). Using a dropper put a drop of oil into each ear.

7. Onion

This is a home remedy for an earache quite old. From 1/2 onion the central area is extracted so that it is hollow. It is heated in the oven and applied on the affected ear.

8. Digitopuncture

An acupressure exercise to relieve ear pain is as follows:
With the index finger underneath and the thumb above, tighten and massage the point between the little finger and the ring finger.


The antibacterial properties of garlic help eliminate ear infections that are often the cause of pain. Peel a clove of garlic and mojo in olive oil. Put it in the ear opening but do not push it inside. Leave it all night if it does not irritate you.


Recommendations and tips for treating ear pain

1. Do not smoke. Smokers and children of smokers are more likely to have earaches.

2. Avoid ingress of water in the ear and you should stay a long time in it, there are special earplugs that prevent the leakage of water to the ear cavity to prevent otitis.

3. In the case of nasal infection keep the ducts clean with irritations of sea water or saline to prevent them from spreading to the ear.

4. Applying cold compresses externally can help mitigate the pain while referring the infection.

5. Notify the doctor if abnormal secretions and fever occur.

6. Use special plugs when long time in the water.

7. Use sprays or irrigators to remove wax waste because traditional rods can hurt the ear or push the wax in.

8. Avoid scratching or inserting your finger and other items into the ear to relieve itching because it could aggravate the infection.

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