Home Remedies To Grow Thicker Longer Eyelashes. The eyelashes are made up of small hairs that are on the edges of the eyelids. In addition to protecting the eyes help to improve the appearance of the same, giving a spectacular look, especially if they are long and thick. For this reason, it is important to take care of health and prevent them from falling or weakening, this is prior to any application of natural remedies to lengthen the eyelashes.

Home Remedies To Grow Thicker Longer Eyelashes
Home Remedies To Grow Thicker Longer Eyelashes

To achieve this goal it is necessary to nourish them with natural products free of chemicals, and an ideal option for this purpose is to resort to natural remedies to lengthen the eyelashes.

Home Remedies To Grow Thicker Longer


Treatment to lengthen the eyelashes

Natural treatments are the best option for long, thick, strong and healthy lashes. In this case, the following mixture is recommended in exact proportions:

Essential Oil Blend

  • Half teaspoon of marigold essential oil
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • ½ teaspoon of rose essential oil


All ingredients should be mixed in a deep bowl until completely dissolved, now beat for three to five minutes. With a small amount of treatment, you should gently massage the eyelids, having eyes closed. Then it is allowed to act for half an hour and after the time is removed with warm water. It is recommended to use the method twice a day, in the morning and at night.

Vitamin E Oil

The eyelashes require care according to the environment or geographic location where they live most of the time. To get them long and healthy you need the natural remedies and the vitamin E oil becomes an alloy for this purpose. To extend the tabs easily and simply you can acquire this treatment in any natural market.

How to apply

Get an eyelash brush that is completely clean, then apply the vitamin E oil on it. Then it goes through the eyelashes making zigzag movements so that the product penetrates to depth. This method can be used every day so that in a short time the results can be seen.

Lengthen tabs with petroleum jelly

To get long and natural eyelashes effectively, this home treatment is one of the best options for a dazzling look. All you need to do is get a little bottle of neutral Vaseline in the market.

How to use it

It is an immediate preparation home treatment. To put it into practice you need to apply a little neutral Vaseline over the eyelashes. Ideally, it should be done just before bed, so the product will hydrate them to the maximum and help strengthen the lashes perfectly. During the night the treatment works more intensely than in the morning, which is why it is recommended to use it every day until you see the results.

Castor oil


Lash lash treatment that is economical and easy to prepare at home. In addition, it offers the opportunity to boast thicker eyelashes using products from nature. It only takes a few drops of castor oil to see the desired results.


Before going to bed you should apply a few drops of castor oil on the eyelashes. The next day you should clean it thoroughly with plenty of warm water. This method can be used every night and in a short time, you can notice longer and resistant lashes.

Long eyelashes with green tea

The green tea is an effective treatment for longer eyelashes, has several beneficial properties that help thoroughly clean any residual product used for eyelashes and eyes, which favors the growth process thereof.


The result should be a green tea without sugar. It starts by wetting a piece of cotton with the water of green tea or let the cold tea bag rest on the eyelids for half an hour. After the time has to be cleaned with a clean dry cloth. In addition to giving a natural and refreshing look to the eyes, this treatment eliminates the residue of the makeup that remains attached to the mines. Use this method three times a week, preferably at night.

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