Insomnia is a disorder that is characterized by the impossibility of falling asleep during the normal night cycles accusing during the day the lack of rest.

Depending on the time that affects the person, insomnia can be determined short or long term, refer spontaneously or require treatment to solve it.

Sometimes insomnia does not affect sleep capacity as much as it does the ability to rest and in these cases, the person feels that he has not slept enough even though he has been sleeping for hours.

Home Remedies for Insomnia
Home Remedies for Insomnia

Home remedies for insomnia

Among the home remedies for insomnia, we can find several that will help us relax and stimulate our body for rest.

1. A hot bath

Always with fatigue or insomnia, it is recommended to shower 2 hours before going to sleep, it is something that will help us to relax our body and will begin to stimulate the fatigue and then turn it into a dream. It should be mentioned that if you do this an hour before or half an hour before bedtime, you can get to sleep, rather than relax.

2. Valerian infusion

Being a natural relaxer, valerian becomes a great option for people with insomnia, should take a glass of 300 milliliters with 3 to 6 drops of valerian, it is not necessary to warm, this will be for each person’s taste. It is recommended to take half an hour before going to sleep.

3. A glass of milk with honey

A glass of milk can not be missed when we can not sleep and it helps to relax and fall asleep. If combined with a spoonful of honey, the effect may be more effective.

4. Chamomile or lavender tea

These herbs have soothing properties, while they can alleviate anxiety and stress which will help to better sleep. Have tea from them before going to sleep, you can mix them and also add some honey.

5. Lettuce

The lettuce, although it does not look like it, has sedative properties. Take a salad of lettuce at dinner and before going to sleep prepare yourself an infusion of lettuce. Boil water with a couple of lettuce leaves for about 10 minutes, strain it and let it cool. And ready, take it before going to sleep, its taste is not very pleasant but its sedative properties are good, you can add honey to give it a better flavor.


Recommendations and tips on treating insomnia

1. Establish regular cycles, people who have difficulty falling asleep should establish routine guidelines to accustom their body to normal rest cycles, such as lying down at the same time and getting up at the same time.

2. Avoid too copious or spicy meals just before bedtime, ideally lie on an empty stomach to avoid discomfort derived from digestion especially in people with sensitive stomach or with a tendency to wake up easily.

3. Avoid exciting drinks such as tea, coffee, and tails before bedtime or completely suppress them in cases of stress, anxiety or sensitivity to its components.

4. Avoid taking liquids before bed to avoid getting up at night.

5. Do not fall asleep on the sofa or with the TV on, the most advisable at this point is to get into bed from the first moment the first symptoms of drowsiness appear to avoid awakening in the transfer of room.

6. Listening to relaxing or ambient music to fall asleep can especially help in the dark and quiet spaces.

7. A warm bath before bed relaxes the muscles predisposing the body to rest, being able to enhance this effect with the use of relaxing fragrances such as lavender.

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