Do you notice that your dog frequently shakes his head and gives off a strong body odor? These symptoms may be due to numerous disorders, however, they are typical of an ear infection, a condition that usually has a good prognosis but should be treated in time to prevent damage to the eardrum or condition of the deeper parts of the ear.

We must also know that this treatment can be done naturally, using resources that are effective in restoring the health of our pet and are also safe and less aggressive than a pharmacological treatment.

Are you interested in learning more about this option? In this Animal Expert article, we talk about home remedies for ear infection in dogs.

Home Remedy For Dog Ear Infection

Infection of ears in dogs

First, we must understand exactly what is the infection of ears in dogs, since initially, it is possible that we believe it is the same as otitis, however, are two different terms.

Otitis is an inflammation of the ear and can have numerous causes such as allergies, the presence of foreign bodies in the auditory cavity or viral, bacterial or fungal infections. When there is the ear infection, there is usually otitis, as the colonization of the pathogen causes inflammation in the ear canal; however, otitis is not always caused by an infection, as we have seen previously.

If our dog suffers an ear infection this will usually be caused by a bacterium, fungus or yeast, and our dog will manifest this infection generally through the following symptoms:

  • He shakes his head frequently
  • Excessive scratching in the ear area
  • Malodorous discharge through the ear that can be confused with a strong body odor
  • Color to “yeast” in the ear
  • Swelling in the area of the ear and redness
  • Loss of hearing
  • Scaly or scaly lesions in the ear area
  • Signs of pain
  • Behavior changes, aggressiveness
  • Loss of balance

What if my dog has an ear infection?

If you think your dog may be affected by an ear infection, it is very important that you go to the vet as soon as possible, as the ear infection starts with a pathogenic colonization and inflammation of the external ear canal, but if it is not treated In time, can affect the middle and inner ear, causing irreversible damage to the eardrum.

The veterinarian will take into account the patient’s clinical history, the symptoms presented and will usually perform an otoscope to assess the status of the ear canal as well as the pathogen causing the infection.

Conventional veterinary treatment will be carried out using antibiotics (in the case of a bacterial infection) or antifungal (in the case of an infection caused by fungi), these drugs will generally be administered topically but in severe cases can also be given orally, Thus increasing the chances of side effects.

Home Remedies for Ear Infection in Dogs

Just as we can find multiple home remedies for otitis in dogs when the inflammation is produced by an ear infection, we also have at our disposal several natural alternatives, see below which are:

  • Tea tree essential oil: It is a suitable remedy for any type of infection, whether caused by bacteria or by fungi. If the ear does not present wounds, we can directly apply 2 or 3 droplets, every day. Instead, if the ear has wounds, we will mix the essential oil of the tea tree with sweet almond oil, adding 20 drops of essential oil in half a glass of sweet almond oil. Apply 5 drops of this mixture daily.
  • Applying hot compresses: The tropical heat acts as a vasodilator, this decreases inflammation and pain very quickly, in addition, by dilating the blood vessels improves the irritation of the tissues and promotes an easier recovery. We will soak a cotton towel with warm water and after draining the excess water, we will make a gentle pressure on the ear of our mascot, we will apply these compresses several times to the day.
  • Maceration of garlic: We will crush two cloves of garlic and we will pour them into a jar with hermetically sealed olive oil, later we will let rest all night. The next day we will paste the mixture and we will add 5 drops of this preparation in the ear of our dog, we will administer it daily.
  • Aloe vera: The pure juice of aloe vera is ideal to protect the ear canal of our pet, in addition, applied topically decreases inflammation and relieves pain due to its emollient action. We will apply it directly to our dog’s ear at least 2 times a day.
  • Homemade antiseptic solution: We will mix in equal parts hydrogen peroxide, water, and apple cider vinegar. With this solution, we will soak a cotton swab and proceed to clean the affected ears.
Home Remedy For Dog Ear Infection
Home Remedy For Dog Ear Infection

Prevent ear infection in dogs

It is popularly said that prevention is better than cure and this is a very true statement, therefore, we must adopt the following measures, which will help us to prevent ear infection in our dog:

  • We must clean the dog’s ears frequently with an antiseptic solution for veterinary use.
  • It is important to prevent excessive moisture, so properly dry your dog’s ears after bathing and prevents long periods of time in the water.
  • If your dog is prone to ear infections, it is advisable to insert a cotton swab into your ears before bathing to prevent excessive water ingress.
  • Give your pet a balanced diet, this way you will keep your immune system in an optimal state.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case you present any type of condition or discomfort.

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