The Best Natural Allergy Relief Remedies. In the spring, allergies are very common. In fact, it is quite commonly known as spring allergy, which as we will see below is the allergy that precisely appears during the spring months.

In the case of the allergy that appears in the spring, we are faced with an exaggerated reaction of the immune system against some external agent that considers as harmful, specifically the pollen of certain plants, since this is activated when it detects foreign agents.

The Best Natural Allergy Relief Remedies
The Best Natural Allergy Relief Remedies

The Best Natural Allergy Relief Remedies

As a result of this reaction, an uncomfortable itchiness appears in the eyes and in the nose, accompanied by a runny nose, fatigue, redness, tearing, rhinitis and coughing as a blow.

Although there is no cure for them, they can alleviate their symptoms and make the allergy much more bearable. What is sought is to improve the quality of life during this season.

Relieve allergy eye swelling with cucumber

One of the most frequent symptoms of allergies is the swelling of the eyes. To relieve it, this is one of the best home remedies, with ingredients 100% natural and very simple and quick to prepare. As an ingredient, you simply need a cucumber.

If the cucumber that is purchased is ecological, it is not necessary to peel it if it is not, the better it is. Cut two slices that are of equal size and placed directly on the eyes, keeping them closed. He takes the time to lie back relaxed on the couch while listening to music. It is vital that the cucumber slices act for half an hour in the eye area and then they are removed: the first thing to note is that the swelling has practically disappeared.

Relieve allergy symptoms with pineapple

The pineapple is a fruit with a natural anti-inflammatory power and also contains a lot of vitamin E and bromelain; An enzyme that relieves irritation and nasal congestion as a result of the allergy. This is a 100% recommendable remedy, for both adults and children, since the symptoms of allergy are markedly reduced.

As an ingredient you simply need a pineapple. During spring and summer it is advisable to take pineapple daily to alleviate the symptoms that causes the allergy; Can be taken at breakfast in juice or at lunch or dinner as a dessert or even with a salad.

It is advisable to avoid foods that can produce mucus such as dairy, eggs, fried foods or refined flours; Chocolate is also not advisable.

Decongesting the nose with garlic

Virtually 100% of people who have allergies point out that one of the main symptoms is that they can not breathe well. This home remedy works wonderfully to decongest the nose. One of its great advantages is that the effects are immediate.

As an ingredient we will take a clove of garlic . Although the taste may be somewhat unpleasant, it is advisable to take a clove of garlic daily. To disguise its taste a little, it is accompanied with salads or any other green leafy vegetables.

Home Remedy for Allergy with Sage, Rosemary and Nettle

An infusion made with ingredients that are 100% natural and has very good effects to alleviate the symptoms that produce seasonal allergies. This infusion specifically helps to decongest the nose and, in addition, to deflate the area of the eyes.

For this, we will make with sage, rosemary and nettle. Preparing the infusion is very simple. The first thing is to boil half a liter of water in a saucepan. When it reaches its boiling point, add 1 tablespoon sage, 1 tablespoon rosemary and 1 tablespoon nettle. Remove from heat and cover for 15 minutes. Paste and let cool. Then take the infusion throughout the day little by little.

Carrot and celery juice to alleviate allergy symptoms

One of the best home remedies if you suffer from any type of allergy. The celerycontains many minerals and carrot is rich in vitamin E.

To prepare the remedy we need 3 branches of celery, 2 carrots and 1 glass of water. The first thing is to wash both the celery and the carrot very well, and then pick them. They are placed in the glass of the mixer along with the glass of water and beat until obtaining a juice. Remove and strain to remove any leftovers that may have remained. It is taken little by little.The Best Natural Allergy Relief Remedies.


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